Restaurant Aurora

Enjoy the delicious delicacies and
admire the beautiful Lappish nature.

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Located at the Hotel Inari main building the Restaurant Aurora offers À la Carte Menu on daily basis.

In total there are 120 seats at the restaurant. For groups we have special menus on request. We recommend groups to book in advance. Free Wi-Fi available in the restaurant.

Opening hours:

Kitchen 11:00 -21:30

Bar 09:00 - 23:00

Breakfast served daily at restaurant Aurora from 06:30 – 10:00am. Breakfast is included in the hotel room prices. If you are not staying at the hotel our breakfast can be purchased with the price of 12,80 €/person.


À la Carte Menu


  • Green Salad (N-L, N-G)

    8,90 €

    Fresh lettuce, cucumbers, marinated red onion, red pepper and cherry tomatoes

  • Salmon salad (N-L, N-G)

    15,40 €

    Fresh lettuce, cucumbers, marinated red onion, cherry tomatoes with house sauce

  • Lappish Tapas Plate (N-L)

    12,90 €
    Blueberry cured whitefish from Lake Inari, slightly salted arctic char
    with potato crêpes, pickled fennel and reindeer carpaccio
  • Bolete mushroom soup (N-L)

    9,90 / 12,80 €

    Cream based soup with local bolete mushrooms

  • King crab soup (N-L)

    14,20 €

    Creamy king crab soup, and cold-smoked pike toast

  • Traditional salmon soup (N-L)

    9,90 / 12,80 €

    Salmon, potato and onion in creamy broth

Main Courses

  • Crayfish pasta (N-L)

    18,90 €
    Tomato and cream based pasta with crayfish
  • Reindeer pasta (N-L)

    18,90 €

    Pasta with local sautéed reindeer and forest mushrooms

  • Grilled duck fillet (N-L, N-G)

    18,90 €

    Duck breast fillet, chantarelle risotto and red wine sauce

  • Lake Inari Fish Plate (N-L, N-G)

    23,90 €
    Fried whitefish from Lake Inari and arctic char, truffel hollandaise sauce and almond-potato cake
  • Slowly roasted pork belly (N-L)

    24,90 €
    Boneless pork belly, red wine sauce with thyme, apple foam and country potato
  • Traditional sautéed reindeer (N-L, N-G)

    25,50 €

    Local reindeer with mashed potatoes, pickles and lingonberries

  • Reindeer Fillet (N-L, N-G)

    35,40 €
    Local reindeer fillet with wild game sauce, morel mushrooms
    and almond-potato cake
  • Hereford beefsteak (N-L, N-G)

    28,30 €

    Beef tenderloin with green pepper sauce and cream potatoes

  • Vegetarian special (N-L, N-G)

    16,40 €

    Carrot-quinoa vegetable patty, chantarelle risotto and carrot pure


  • Iced berry dream (N-L, N-G)

    10,80 €
    Orange & Cloudberry ice cream and blueberry sorbet
    from local berries with rosemary-chocolate crumble
  • Lappish dessert (N-L, N-G)

    9,90 €
    Hot oven-baked lappish cheese in cinnamon cream, and with cloudberries


  • Aslak's plate (N-L, N-G)

    12,90 €

     Sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, pickles and lingonberries

  • Little Fisherman's salmon (N-L, N-G)

    11,40 €

    Fried salmon and mashed potatoes

  • Chef's meatballs (N-L, N-G)

    8,90 €

    Home-style meatballs in creamy sauce and mashed potatoes

  • Chicken & Fries (N-L, N-G)

    8,90 €

     Chicken fillet, fries and house mayo

  • Steak & Fries (N-L, N-G)

    11,90 €

    Tournedos fillet steak with fries

  • Ice cream (2 scoops)

    4,00 €

    Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry

Chef's recommendations

45,00 € / person
Lappish tapas plate
Blueberry cured whitefish from Lake Inari
Slightly salted arctic char
Potato crepes, pickled fennel
Reindeer carpaccio
Traditional sautéed reindeer
Local sautéed reindeer
Mashed potatoes
Pickles & Lingonberries
Lappish dessert
Hot oven-baked lappish cheese
in cinnamon cream, and with cloudberries

Pub Menu

  • Beef burger

    9,90 €/13,90 € (with fries)

    Beef patty 180g, cucumber, tomato, salad, cheddar cheese, chili mayo

  • Chicken burger

    9,90 / 13,90 €

    Chicken fillet, cucumber, tomato, salad, pineapple, curry mayo

  • Reindeer burger

    12,90 / 16,90 €

    Reindeermeat patty 180g, cucumber, tomato, salad, cream cheese, house mayo

  • French Fries

    5,00 € (fries)
  • Dip Sauce

    1,50 €

    Dip choices: garlic, chili, yogurt


Smoked reindeer pizza

Tomato, cheese, pineapple, smoked reindeermeat, bluecheese

14,90 €

Arctic sea pizza

Tomato, cheese, salmon, shrimp, capers



Tomato, cheese, pineapple, ham

11,50 €

Or our choice of toppings

two toppings 11,50 €, three toppings 13,00 €, four toppings 14,50 €

tomato,  onion,  sweet pepper, pineapple,  olive, mushroom,  caper,  jalopeno, bluecheese,  tuna,  shrimp,  salami, anchovy, bolognese,  ham,  chicken,  egg, bacon

Meeting room


Class: 25 persons
U-table : 14 persons
Diplomat: 16 persons
Dutch : 12 persons

Included in the meeting room: projector, flipchart and Wi-Fi.

From our Sales also the reservations for Sajos – Sami Cultural Centre meeting rooms.

Meeting room reservations and meeting packages through our Sales: or +358 40 179  6069.

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