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Restaurant Aurora

Enjoy the delicious delicacies and
admire the beautiful Lappish nature.

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Located in Hotel Inari´s main building, Restaurant Aurora offers an À la Carte & Pub Menu on a daily basis.

In total there are 120 seats at the restaurant. We have special menus on request for groups. We recommend groups to book in advance. Free Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant.

Opening hours 

Pub Rantsu 08:00-22:00
Restaurant Aurora 12:00-21:30


We are closely following the instructions given by the Finnish officials to prevent Covid-19 infections.


We warmly welcome you and your friends to enjoy our delicious food and cozy atmosphere! 



À la Carte Menu


  • Green Salad (N-L, N-G)

    8,90 €

    Crispy lettuce, smoky tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, beetroot, marinated red onions, carrot, parmesan cheese and herb oil


  • Chili-ginger prawn's tails (N-L)

    10,90 €

    Lime aioli and shrimp crisps

  • Lake Inari fish plate (N-L, N-G)

    12,90 €

    Marbled pike, whitefish ceviche, smoked arctic char, whitefish roe, lemon gel, marinated red onion and dill sand

  • Cold smoked reindeer roast (N-L, N-G)

    12,90 €

    Cold smoked reindeer roast, lingonberry mayonnaise, salted mushrooms, chantarell-buckthorn compote and carrots

  • Salmon soup

    9,90 € (starter) / 13,90 € (main course)

    toasted rye bread and butter

  • Homemade bread and butter

    1,50 €

Main Courses

  • Mung bean patty (N-L)

    18,90 €
    plum-tomato sauce and herbal mashed potatoes
  • Fried Whitefish (N-G, N-L)

    25,50 €

    Fried Lake Inari whitefish  in browned butter, beetroot-hollandaise sauce and herbal mashed potatoes

  • Barbecue Pork Ribs (N-G, N-L)

    19,50 €

    Overnight stewed pork ribs, wedge potatoes and lime aioli

  • Black Angus petite tender (n-g, n-l)

    25,50 €

    Grilled beef petite tender, wedge potatoes and red wine sauce

  • Sautéed Reindeer (n-l, n-g)

    25,50 €

    Mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers and lingonberries

  • Smoky BBQ Bacon Burger

    18,90 €

    180g burger patty, smoky BBQ mayonnaise, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and country-style potatoes

  • Country-style potatoes

    5,00 €

    Dip choices: smoky BBQ-, garlic-, chili- and tartar mayonnaise (1,50€)


  • Chocolate crème brûlée (n-g)

    11,90 €

    Apple sorbet and raspberry mousse

  • Blueberry & Lingonberry (N-L, N-G)

    11,90 €

    blueberry pannacotta and blueberry sorbet, lingonberry parfait and lingonberry merinque

  • Ice Cream Scoop (N-G, N-L)

    2,50 €

    Ice cream flavors:

    Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry

    Sauce flavors:

    Caramel, chocolate and blueberry

For Children

  • Fried whitefish, mashed potatoes and tartar sauce (N-G, N-L)

    11,50 €
  • Grilled burger beef, spiced butter and country style potatoes (n-g, n-l)

    10,50 €
  • Sautéed Reindeer and mashed potatoes (n-g, n-l)

    11,50 €
  • Grilled beef steak, spiced butter and country style potatoes

    11,50 €

Pizzas & Burgers

Reindeer pizza

Tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple, smoked reindeer, blue cheese

15,00 €

Arctic sea pizza

Tomato sauce, cheese, salmon, shrimp, capers

15,00 €


Tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple, ham

12,00 €

Country-style potatoes

5,00 €

Smoky BBQ Bacon Burger

180g burger patty, smoky BBQ mayonnaise, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes pickled cucumbers and country-style potatoes

18,90 €

Dip choices

Smoky BBQ-, garlic-, chili- and tartar mayonnaise


Topping options:

two toppings 12,00 €, three toppings 13,50 €, four toppings 15,00 €

Olives, mushrooms, shrimp, salami, bacon, ham, chicken,egg, pineapple, onion, blue cheese, jalapeno,tuna, fresh tomato, paprika, capers

extra toppings 1,50 €

salmon, smoked reindeer 3,00 €


Meeting room


Class: 25 persons
U-table : 14 persons
Diplomat: 16 persons
Dutch : 12 persons

Included in the meeting room: projector, flipchart and Wi-Fi.

From our Sales also the reservations for Sajos – Sami Cultural Centre meeting rooms.

Meeting room reservations and meeting packages through our Sales: or +358 40 179  6069.

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