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Aurora Sauna & Hot Spring

Standard room Hotel Inari

Aurora Sauna & Hot Spring

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Inari from the heat of a sauna? Or of admiring the views from a luxurious hot spring?

All of this is now possible with our Aurora sauna and hot spring, located in Holiday Village Inari in the shoreline of Lake Inari with clear and mesmerizing views to the horizon. The Aurora sauna & hot spring can be booked in combination with one another, or it’s also possible to book only the sauna.

You can take a swim in Lake Inari the summer time or attach your boat to pier in the shoreline while taking a sauna. 

  • Aurora Sauna

    43 € / 1 h (1-2 persons)
    Extra persons 11 € / person
    Max. 6 persons

  • Aurora Sauna & Hot Spring, 3 h

    270 € / 1-2 persons
    Extra persons 23 € / person
    Max. 6 persons

  • Sauna building features
    • Dressing room
    • Toilet
    • Shower room with two separate showers
    • Sauna room
    • Outside terrace with the hot spring
  • Location
    • Holiday Village Inari shoreline
    • Address: Inarintie 26, 99870 Inari 
  • Bookings
    • By phone: +358 40 179 6069
    • Via email:
    • Holiday Village Inari or Hotel Inari reception