Events in Inari

Apart from our own events, Inari village has many interesting cultural and nature orientated events throughout the year.

Skábmagovat – The Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival

Skábmagovat (Reflections of the Endless Night) Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival is organised yearly in January at the end of the Polar night in Inari. Films are shown at Siida, Sajos and in Siida’s snow theatre under the stars. Alongside Sámi films, the films of other indigenous peoples are shown. The programme is published at the end of the year and advance tickets go on sale in the new year.

Inari’s King Reindeer Racing Championships

Inari’s King Reindeer racing championships take place every spring on the ice of frozen Lake Inari near the shore of Holiday Village Inari. This colourful outdoor event is suitable for all ages!

Inari’s Trolling Competition

Inari’s Trolling Competition is organised every year in July. The competition area is on a section of Lake Inari, from Inari village to the southern part of Kasari. The competition base and the finishing line are at the harbour of Inari village.

Inari week

Traditional village festivities, children’s activities, market stalls, concerts, theatre, performing artists and of course the Water Cross snowmobile competition all take place during this week in July.

Inari week is one of the biggest happenings of the summer, with events and activities for all ages organised throughout the whole municipality.

Ijahis Idja – The Indigenous Peoples’ Music Festival

Ijahis Idja is the Indigenous People’s Music Festival which has been organised in Inari village since 2004. The event is the only music festival in Finland that focuses on Sámi music. Every year the festival includes guest performers from other indigenous backgrounds.

19.8.2022 Ijahis Idja cruise with Ailu Valle
Limited tickets available. Tickets in advance 35eur/person, more information and tickets from here: Ijahis Idja cruise

Ticket from the boat (if available) 40 eur/person.

Camera Borealis – Nature photography event

Camera Borealis takes place during the last weekend of November. The exhibition features captivating and beautiful images created by Finland’s best nature photographers and amateur photographers, sometimes accompanied with live Sámi music. The theme changes from year to year.

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