Arctic Ocean Safari

Welcome to northernmost Finland and the arctic! This safari will take you on frozen lakes, majestic fells and through picturesque sceneries of the arctic wilderness.


You will be picked up at Ivalo airport and taken to Inari Village where you will check into your hotel room at Inari Aurora Resort. Your guide will brief us on the upcoming days and you will do your final checks to make sure that you have everything you need for the trip. Dinner at the hotel.


After breakfast we will meet at the safari office next door to the hotel. Here you will get dressed in winter snowmobiling gear and listen to a final safety briefing before starting our adventure. Starting from the frozen Lake Inari, known for its ruggedness and beauty.  At some point during our journey we will stop, make a fire and have a picnic lunch before continuing the drive. Once we’ve reached our overnight destination we can warm our tired bodies in a hot sauna and refuel with a tasty dinner.


After breakfast we will hop on our snowmobiles and cross the Norwegian border. Our journey continues through the bleakly beautiful and dramatic landscapes of Northern Norway, whose shores have been shaped into fjords by the last Ice Age. Trees are scarce and the weather can be extreme. On the shores of Norway we will take a walk by the Arctic ocean . The Gulf Stream prevents the sea from freezing. If you dare, you can test your manhood or womanhood by taking a dip in the icy water. During the day we learn about the Sámi people, the King Crab, salmon and the mighty ocean itself. Lunch will be outside by the fire on in a restaurant depending on the weather conditions. In the afternoon we return to our accommodation. In the evening it is time to relax and rest after sauna and dinner. Although if the sky is clear you may want to hop outside to see if the auroras are putting on their magic light show! 


After breakfast we will start our final day of snowmobiling. Our route takes us through more dramatic and vast wilderness areas.  On the way back, we will take a break to warm our toes and eat our picnic lunch by the open fire. We should arrive back in Inari in the afternoon or early evening, depending on weather and driving conditions.


After breakfast you will be picked up and taken to Ivalo airport. It’s goodbye to Inari and the Arctic Ocean, but memories of the experience will probably stay with your forever.


1950 EUR/person, for minimum 4 adults

2250 EUR/person, for minimum 3 adults

2550 EUR/person, for minimum 2 adults

Minimum: 2 adults

Availability: January-April



Guaranteed departures for 1950 EUR/person, for minimum 2 persons

Dates: 15.-19. March & 5.-9. April


This safari can be only booked directly from our sales office. Please contact for more information and booking equiries.

  • Price includes:
    2 night accommodation in Hotel Inari with half board
    2 nights in cabins or rooms with half board during the Arctic Ocean safari
    Picnic snack meals as described
    Airport transfers to/from Inari village
    Guiding in English
    Winter clothing set (winter overalls, boots, woollen oversocks, mittens, woollen hat)
    Necessary permits, fuel and insurances, vat.


    Important Information:

  • About longer snowmobile safaris:
    Driving license requirements: minimum T (Tractor), B (car).
    Zero-limit for intoxicants
    18 years of age
    Driving 1 person/snowmobile
  • Clothing and equipment:
    Before the departure our guests will receive the winter clothing included in the price: Winter overall, woollen socks, boots, mittens, balaclava, helmet.
    Dressing in many layers will keep you warm: guests wear their own clothes under the winter overall (long sleeved shirts and underpants or leggings, fleece or woollen blouse, comfortable trousers e.g. fleece trousers). You should take with you: a scarf, skiing cap or winter hat, sun glasses (January – April).
    For your own extra clothing or other equipment it is good to bring a soft bag (sports bag or backpack – not a suitcase), which can easily be fastened on the snowmobile.
  • Accommodation during the safari:
    Accommodation in rooms of the main building or cabins next to main building


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4 minimi

Price includes: 2 nights hotel accommodation with half board in Hotel Inari, 2 nights in rooms or cabins with half board during the safari, meals as described, airport transfers to/from Inari village, activities as described with applicable equipment and guiding, winter clothing set (winter overalls, boots, woollen oversocks, mittens, woollen hat), necessary permits, fuel and insurances