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Family company

Visit Inari Oy is a family business originating from Inari. Its roots date back almost 40 years. 

In the beginning of 1980s Tapani Lappalainen and his father started organizing skiing trips, reindeer safaris and lunches in the local nature. As years passed, this one-man operation grew into the whole family’s business. In the year 2015 Tapani’s eldest sons Tommi and Tuomas became partial owners. At the same time, the company’s name and form changed to Visit Inari Oy (LLC) 

Nowadays Tapani’s wife Pirjo and their four sons are also working for the company. Besides the family, Visit Inari Oy employs around 30 other tourism industry professionals. Visit Inari offers year-round adventure services as well as accommodation; there are 53 rooms/apartments in Hotel Inari, and 37 cabins in Holiday Village Inari. 

Most of our employees are local to Inari area and have comprehensive experience of the tourism industry. This basis allows us to offer our guests quality experiences and services, uniquely. We bring the authentic arctic nature and culture for our customers to experience, year-round. Visit Inari is constantly developing new and versatile ways to widen the experiences available to our guests,  securely and by exceeding expectations. We are building a future together with an experienced and dedicated staff, with the stable warmth and flexibility of a family business. – Tapani Lappalainen CEO / Founder / Head of family