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Enjoy a peaceful vacation in Inari

The fresh nature and clean environment of Inari provides a beautiful opportunity for a safe vacation. In addition to the unique nature, we wish to provide our guests and staff safety with a set of actions.

Release 3.12.2021

Due to recent news of new variant of Covid-19 we have received several questions concerning changes for reservations.

Since Covid-19 is no longer considered as a Force Majeure it does not automatically justify cancellation with refund.

Here is the current policy that we follow considering the reservations effected by Covid-19.

Traveling is disallowed by authorities

In case your travel is disallowed by government or other similar authority meaning that you are not either allowed to leave the origin country or not allowed to enter Finland we will offer you a possibility to postpone your reservation to later time period within one year from the original arrival date. Please notice that new arrival date is subject to availability.

Notification of any changes to your travel plans due to restrictions must be delivered to Visit Inari – Safaris & Accommodation by e-mail within 24 hours after the restriction has been issued.

Traveling not possible due to infection or other reason

In case you are not able to travel due to covid infection or being exposed to covid and issued to guarantee the reservation is handled with normal terms & conditions related to any other medical reason and it is not subject to automatic post pone or refund.

If you wish to cancel your travel due to infection or guarantee of one or more travel partner or due to fear of traveling, the cancellation is handled with normal terms & conditions.

Cancellations or changes in transportations (flights, train, bus etc.) operated by outside Visit Inari – Safaris & Accommodation are not entitling for free postpone or refund of reservation.

We highly recommend you ensure that you have a valid travel insurance that covers your expenses in surprising situations that are not possible to foresee.

Updated 3.12.2021

We have taken extra care of the following actions to help control the pandemic:

  • Hand hygiene is especially important. Disinfectant is available in all our public spaces and entrances to our hotel, restaurant, and safari office. We also provide an opportunity for handwashing at all stations.
  • A safety distance of 1-2 meters is strictly adhered by our staff and very strongly encouraged for all patrons.
  • A protective face mask is required in all situations where the safety distance cannot be reliably held. In case you do not have a mask, one may be provided for you.
  • A protective plexiglass is in use in where applicable, such as in our hotel reception and bar desk.
  • We recommend the use of official COVID-19 tracking apps such as Koronavilkku.

Do not travel when sick

To assure the safety of your staff and guests, please do not come to our facilities when experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Even our staff is not allowed to come to work with any symptoms. More information on the symptoms can be found here. 

Public spaces

Public spaces are cleaned with extra care. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, table tops and card readers as well as sanitary spaces are disinfected with care.


In shared transfers passengers and drivers are required to wear a facemask. Disinfectant and masks are provided In vehicles. Frequently touches surfaces are disinfected with care.


Rental equipment are disinfected and washed after every use for sanitary and COVID-19 purposes. Safety distance is adhered in every activity. While indoors our guides will wear facemasks in line with rest of our staff. If the staff is unable to adhere safety distance outside, they will wear a mask. Group sizes are set according to the situation.

There are two spaces for preparing for the activities, so groups can be dispersed to maintain safety distances. In cases where this cannot be applied, face masks are required.

Surfaces at our safari office and activity spaces are disinfected regularly.


Number of guests admitted to our restaurant and bar have been reduced. Safety distance is strictly adhered. When safety distance cannot be reliably adhered, face masks are required for everyone. Disinfectant and face masks are provided in case you forgot your own.

Hotel and Holiday Village

Hotel rooms and cabins are cleaned following the recommendations from Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Frequently touched surfaces and sanitary spaces are under the strictest scrutiny.

To minimize person to person engagements, daily cleanings are only done when requested.

IF YOU START EXPERIENCING SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 WHILE YOU’RE A GUEST OF OURS, we ask you to inform Visit Inari Oy staff / reception and health official by phone, even if the symptoms are minor.

Let us take care of each other to control the pandemic.

More info:  Current Corona status and info in Lapland, Latest Corona-info in Inari municipality

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