Lake Inari is any fisherman´s dream offering salmon, trout, arctic char, white fish, grayling and vendace. On board our fishing boat, we will cruise out into the depths of the lake. On the way we will troll fish while taking in the ruggedly beautiful scenery. On a island we will stop for a picnic lunch around the fire. If you wish, you can try rod and reel fishing from the shore. At the end of the day we will slowly head back towards Inari village, trolling on the way.

If you got interested, kindly send us an inquiry. Please include the wished date and duration as well as the number of participants.

Safari office

Inarintie 38
FI–99870 Inari

Hotel Inari

Inarintie 40
FI-99870 Inari

Holiday Village Inari

Inarintie 26
FI-99870 Inari

Crow Creek Cabins

Sarviniementie 23
FI-99870 Inari

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