Come to Lemmenjoki National Park and spend a day as a guest of the Paltto family. Once you have arrived at the family home, you will be taken on a riverboat journey, traveling a total of 17km along the beautiful river Lemmenjoki, which reaches deep into the Finland’s largest national park.

The cruise will take you to the magnificent Ravadas falls. Shortly after, your host will pull the boat ashore and offer you lunch around the open fire, treating you to traditional Sámi yoik singing and tales of reindeer herding. Once back at the Paltto’s home, you will get the opportunity to meet the rest of this Sámi family, the reindeer!


8. – 22.6. & 13.7. – 19.9.2022


Mon, Wed & Fri at 9:45 / 10:15


4 hours (program duration)
ca. 6 hours with transfers


85€/person (without transfers)
195€/person (with transfers from Inari)

Children 4-11 years -30% 

Min 2 adults

Price incl.

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