Why settle for ordinary, choose the exclusive version of the Aurora Camp!
In this excursion you will have more to experience compared to most of our aurora activities.

Your guide will take you to the camp, located in area with no light pollution. The guide will prepare a tasty  reindeer burger by the open fire for you in a traditional Kota hut. Picture this. Freshly fried reindeer meat between two slices of rye bread, spiced with lingonberry and pickled cucumber. Truly an unforgettable experience.

During the excursion you’ll have a possibility to go out in the snow with snowshoes, experience the silence of the arctic nature, the crunching sound of the snow underneath your feet. Things only the arctic can offer.

With good luck, the dancing northern lights are coloring the sky above. You can just relax and enjoy or perhaps commemorate with your camera. Your guide will explain the Aurora as a phenomenon and help you find the right settings to take pictures with your own camera.

You can choose this excursion with either a sleigh ride or a snowmobile driving experience.

This activity is part of our certified activity services due to Green Key certificate that was granted to us recently.




Daily 19:00


3,5 hours


120€/person, sleigh ride
160€/person, shared snowmobile
191€/person, own snowmobile

Children 4-11 years -30% (sleigh ride)

Price incl.

English speaking guide, winter outdoor clothing, reindeer burger, coffee / tea, use of snowshoes, VAT and insurance

(Snowmobile option: Self-liability fee is max. 900€/snowmobile in case of accident)

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