With its remote location in the far North without city light pollution, Inari is an ideal place for observing the Northern Lights. Once it’s dark, our guide will take you away from the village glow to a good view point. If you’re lucky and the weather is on your side, we should get to witness nature’s own dancing light show! Picnic snack will be provided by the blazing campfire.


8pm - Daily


3 hours


135€/person (two persons/snowmobile)


165€/person (one person/snowmobile)

Price incl.

English speaking guide, thermal equipment, hot drink/ snack, fuel, taxes and insurance

Sales office

+358 (0)40 179 6069 Inarintie 38 FI–99870 Inari

Hotel Inari

+358 (0)16 671026

Inarintie 40
FI-99870 Inari

Holiday Village Inari

+358 (0)16 671 108
Inarintie 26
FI-99870 Inari

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