Visit Inari Northern lights over trees 370x265

Inari Aurora Package

The Northern Lights are one of nature's most impressive natural phenomena and Lake Inari is a prime spot for hunting them down.

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Visit Inari Aurora sunset 370x265

Lake Inari Autumn Auroras

See the Autumn colours and Northern Lights in Inari!

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3 nights/4days
Visit Inari Reindeer 370x265

Inari Winter Break

Wilderness safaris and Aurora hunting every day of your stay!

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5 days
Visit Inari Green and blue lights 370x265

Lights Over Lake Inari

A special package to experience Inari in a week!

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7 days
Visit Inari Reindeer calf 370x265

Inari Summer Highlights

Experience the best of Inari in the summertime. Stay in the comfortable lakeside Inari Aurora Resort with your own en suite sauna, take a cruise around Lake Inari, explore the fascinating Sami museum, Siida, and get to know the friendly local huskies and reindeer.

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Visit Inari Fishing Nice catch 370x265

Fishing Holiday on Lake Inari

Enjoy the ultimate fishing experience in Northern Lapland! Lake Inari is the third largest lake in Finland, at over 1080km² with over 3300 islands. With shallow coves as well as vast deep areas, this pearl of the north is a fisherman’s dream, offering trout, arctic char, white fish, grayling, pike, perch, grayling, vendace and lake salmon. Stay in a peaceful island cabin and let our guides show you how the locals catch their dinner.

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